Putting the punch in the power of your message.


Brand Development 

Community Engagement

Digital & Social Media

Graphic Design

LGBTQ Marketing & Strategy

Website Development



Fueling your web, print and social media strategy.


Blue Guardrail is a full-service marketing agency working with businesses and non-profits who are on a mission. Established by Jerome Bader in 2014 BGM continues to grow and serve diverse, philanthropic, and successful businesses. Our Job is to fire-up your voice, define your look, engage with your community, and build a brand plan the feeds the promise of your product. 


Sole proprietor, contractor, business, non-profit... we focus on you, not the size of your project. We keep your project within the guardrails of your goals!


How you engage with your community is just as important as the service or product you provide. We design the tone of your message to influence and resonate with your audience. 

  • Advertising

  • ​Creative content development and copy writing

  • Community engagement strategies

  • Digital, e-mail and social media communications

  • LOGO development, business cards, and collateral programs

  • LGBTQ marketing and engagement strategies 

  • Marketing planning and budgeting

  • Media purchasing and planning

  • Project management

  • Swag and promotional product programs

  • Video and audio production; digital and broadcast

  • Website design and production

  • Auction management and event production

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman



There is nothing like a good story.

Our job is to tell your story with passion, powerful content, and creative design. We learn about you, your products, your community, your philanthropy, and the audience you wish to reach. We work with your visuals, your digital presence, and your social media platforms to integrate and maximize your outreach efforts.

Blue Guardrail has provided a wide variety of marketing and advertising services for these businesses and non-profits. Contact us for specific details regarding each project, we are looking forward to adding your name to this list!

Irons Brothers Construction

aboeda Design

Logo Design and Branding

AXIS Pharmacy Northwest

MVP Airport Parking

Viking Dogs

Washington Health Insurance

Armak Pharma Consulting

Montgomery Mobile

Long Term Care Advisors

Puget Sound Cabulance

Ashford Senior Living

Heartlink CPR

Vision Art

Seattle Garden Guesthouse

Cocktails and Contacts

Victoria Odell - Wine and Homes

Greater Seattle Business Association

Jacob Blackmon Realty

Hearing Speech and Deaf Center

Three Dollar Bill Cinema

Coffee at the Heights

Lakeland Properties



LGBTQ marketing and diversity engagement. 

Connecting your business to a community that is smart, savvy, loyal, and with almost one billion dollars nationally in spending capacity. 2019 LGBTQ Economy Report  produced by the NGLCC and Witeck Communications.

Developing LGBTQ and diversity integration strategies is our specialty. Authenticity is key to opening and maintaining long-term relationships in this vibrant community.

We will help you define your position on equality, connect with key thought leaders, and build a powerful and compelling LGBTQ marketing plan.

Community Engagement Strategies

We build your brand from the ground up so that we can harness the power of your community. We provide a broad range of marketing services with a focus on community and civic engagement.

By positioning your business as a community leader we can showcase and leverage the outreach potential of your non-profit relationships, networking organizations, and civic investments.  





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